Competitive Intelligence initiatives

What is CIWorldWide ?

During thirty years, exactly since the CRRM was created in 1978, a group of international experts developed different educational programs  inside and outside the University as well as fundamental and applied researches in the field of Information Science, Technology Watch, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Technical Intelligence and Regional Developmen, creativity and innovationt.

These 30 years of experience created one of the most important Intellectual Capital in theses different areas. Starting initialy for the CRRM (Centre de Recherche Retrospective de Marseille), this network extended in France to the CNIC (Centre National d’Information Chimique) to the CEDOCAR (Centre de Documentation de l’Armement) to SDC - ORBIT (System Development Corporation), the University of Marne la Vallée (UMLV) to ESCEM (Business School Tours Poitiers) to the CEIC in Brasil, the UNIMA in Indonesia, the Peking Un iversity, the shanghai library, the OUM (Open University of Malaysia, the OAPI in Africa, the WIPO and various French Chambers of Commerce. Many enterprises throug the networks of Alumini from the various institutions which participated to this development bring also their expertise to the network and among them the Matheo-Software company, especialized in APA (Automatic Patent A nalysis

The second step is the international development of the network, it extended first in Europe (Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal..) in North America and North Africa. But the main development was done in South America (Brasil, Mexico, Chile …) and in Asia (Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Viet Nam).

Brasil A special mention concerning Brasil and Indonesia must be done. In these two countries and more specialfically in Indonesia the development of the Technology Watch and Competitive Intelligence where carried out for the first time in these countries. A strong network of alumini, experts and friends provide a special coverrage of these geographical areas.

Then the question What is CIWORLDWIDE can be answered easely:

CIWORLDWIDE is a virtual network of people from various nationalities which are concerned by the National and Regional Development through the methods, concepts and tools of Competitive Intelligence. Out of this network a new way to promote international cooperations is made, either in the “francophonie” or in other countries.

dou_sulut_conf We consider that the globalization is a chance for many countries and regions. But, to survive in this complexity people must understand the “new rules of the game”, the decision makers and people must change their mental model and all the regional and national forces must be joined together to impulse a sustainable economic development.