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International Dakhla’s conference - Morocco - 22-23rd November 2010 - Rencontre internationale - Intelligence Economique _ Competitive Intelligence

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opening This is the 23 and 23rd of November 2010 that the Dakhla’s conference on Competitive Regional Intellignce took place.  The objective of the conference was to demonstrate how the Competitive Intelligence is used to create a regional value which will promote the development. A large number of representatives of different countries were present: France, Eastern Europe, USA, Portugal, Brazil, Burkina Fasso, Germany, Italy, Oceania, Vietnam …

The opening was conducted by Professor Driss Guerraoui and various allocutions brushed to main headlines of the development of Morocco (Various Ministers, Presidents of various associations,Chambers of Commerce …). This point of view was seconded by the speach of Mr Dieudonné Vice President of the ACFCI, and Mr Philippe Clerc (ACFCI and AIFIE).  After the opening 7 cooperative agreements were signed among them the cooperation with the ACFCI (Assemblee of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry)? as well as with? the laboratory of Chemical complex systems of the Scientific Center of St Jerome (University Paul Cézanne France), and the CCIT (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Touraine).

The various inaugural conferences presented various aspects of the European view of clusters, the social development, the industrialisation; the Regional activities, etc. (Speakers FX Level President of Europe Inter cluster, Pr RB Benabadallah (former Minister), Pr JL Levet Former Director of the of the Institute of Social and Economical Research.

The second part of the conference was concerned by 6 panels dealing with the Territorial Intelligence Policy, the dynamism of the territories, the management of the regional development, concurrence and cooperation, partnership university enterprises, territories and economic security. After  the pannels presentions various synthesis were done. They all underlines the benefit of the contributions to all the participants. Nina Quelinis presented the policy of Regional Competitive Intelligence and the examples of different case studies.
Full text of various interventions:Pr Henri Dou Innovation and actionable knowledge creation by using strategic information from intellectual property. Mme Nina Quelinis Cooperative Economic Intelligence at the service of the territorial development and entrepreneurship. M Laurent Malvezin Stratégie d’intelligence territoriale et développement économiqueen République Populaire de Chine depuis 2000….

The second day of the meeting aimed to the presentations of various papers dealing with different applications of Competitive Regional Intelligence.

dakhla cci  During this second day also a special session concerned the sensibilization of the Morocco Chambers of Commerce and Industry to the stratgic  competitive intelligence. During this very rich sessions the President Dieudonné, Philippe Clerc, Yves Massot, Jean-Pierre Lotte and Henri Dou presented various actions which would strengthen the cooperation between France and Morocco in that field. During the presentation it was pin pointed that the role of a road map will be very important for the follow up of the common projects. It was also indicated that the ESCEM Business school developped the Atelis expertise in Competitive Intelligence and that this potential will be widely available to our Morocco’s friends. Yves Massot and Henri Dou underlined all the innovative character  of Atelis (Strategic Intelligence Workshop of ESCEM). The President Dieudonné indicated that all the knowledge accumulated during the various experiences developped in France by the Chambers of Commerce are available to the Morocco’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

The lunch, with give the opportunity to continue the exhange between the companies present and the representatives of the ACFCI and Atelis was organized in a very delightful site at the edge of the see.

The last event, was the closing of the Dakhla ’s meeting and the presentation of the Dakhla’s declaration? by Driss Guerraoui and Philippe Clerc. At the issue of the declaration the French representativse were honnored by a  cultural present : the driad used by the local people.

The last general conference was given by the Pr Pierre Bonte, Director of Research Emeritus at the CNRS, Laboratory of Social Anthropology, College de France: Society and West Saharian Culture, Saqiyat Al-Hamra and Tiris

Photos: a selection of various photographies are available in pdf format. They represent various aspects af these two days.

First day: Opening, Cooperations, Medias, Exhibition, Assistance, Receptions, Hotel

Second day: Dakhla’s declaration, cultural presents, Chambers of Commerce’s session, Receptions

Global selection from the “rencontre”

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