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Douala, Cameroon, Regional Forum on Intellectual property and exploitation of the research results in Africa

novembre 4th, 2010 Posted in Africa, France

This is from March 2-3, 2010 that in Douala the Regional Forum on Intellectual Property and? exploitation of the research result in Africa was held. This manifestation was organiszed jointly by the OAPI (African Organization of the Intellectual Property), the IRD (Research Institute for the Development) and the GICAM (Groupement inter-Patronal du Cameroun), with the help of the French Embassy in Cameroon and UBI France.  The assistance of about 100 people came from various state members of the OAPI. this underlines the fact that the intellectual property is now considered by many as a good tool to improve the economic development.

During this Forum many aspects of the Intellectual Property were examined, with an emphasis on two aspects: the protection and the use of patents to increase? the capacity of innovation of the regional economic actors.  The assistance was particlarly interested and many questions were rise by the inventors, companies and researchers from the university.  The presentation of the Matheo-Patent software, used to perform rapidly the APA (Autolmatic Patent Analysis), demonstrated how to cluster patents and out of this clustering how to develop technological choices, and to select (with respect of the intellectual property rights) the most valuable patents in the public domain or not extended in the OAPI geographical zone.

The role of the IRD, as one of the promoter of the regional revelopment and research in the South Countries, was well explained as well as the guidelines and governance of its cooperation with African countries. The development of contracts dealing with the session of various technologies was well presented and explained as well as the way to ascertain the value of a patent.

The OAPI, (and the FAPI? Fonds d’Aide   la Promotion de l’Invention et de l’Innovation) presented their role in the development of Intellectual Property in the 16 states of the region with all the various possibilities: patens, certificate of utility, branding, designs and model, geographical location proptection, etc.

The coffee brakes and the lunches were organized in such a way that the discussion between the paricpants and the speakers extended well beyond the meeting schedule.

During the conclusion of the meeting various points dealing with the role of the state, of the companies, were underlined. It was concluded that some recommendations coming from the specialists present as well as from the public will be issued and tranmitted to the right people in the 16 members states of the OAPI. The final point was made by the assistance which insted upon the quality of the presentations and questions and hoped that they will get other occasions to participate to this type of innovative and informative forum.

Presentations available:

Le brevet d’invention comme source d’information technique, Henri Dou  - Le brevet d’invention dans la stratégie de l’entreprise industrielle, Henri Dou  - Example d’utilisation de l’information brevet dans le cas du machinisme agricole, Henri Dou  - Evaluation du marché et de la Valeur d’une technologie, Jean-Marie Vignaud (Ambassade de France au Cameroun)? -  Place de la technologie dans le développement d’une entreprise Martin Abega (GICAM)  - Négociations et contrats , Régis Ferron, IRD - Valorisation de la Recherche, Régis Ferron, IRD — Photographs of the symposium, speakers, and events.

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