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SCIP move to a new name: Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals. This emphasizes the role of Intelligence in all decision processes

septembre 27th, 2010 Posted in Africa, France

In an Editorial published by the “Actualité de l’IE et de l’Innovation” (Actuality of Econoic Intelligence and innovation) (September 2010) Philippe Clerc points out the name’s change of the “Society of Competitive Intelligence Profesionals” which becomes the “Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals”. This new orientation emphasizes the role of Intelligence as one of the main ingredient in the Strategic Development.  The “classical” model of the Competitive Intelligence specialist is going to change and to move to new horizons (see La fin du modèle de l’expert en IE, by Philippe Clerc Actes du Colloque “Qu’est ce que l’intelligence Economique d’entreprises”, DeciDRH Le Club, Paris, Juin 2010). This orientation also must interfere with the position of the “chain” of Competitive Intelligence participants in the hierarchy of companies and institutions: going closer from the top management and the decision makers.

This change also will impact in France the road map and governance of the poles of competitiveness. Strategic Units of Competitive Strategic Intelligence are more and more necessary and they should not consist only in? information exchanges or “information windows”. They should go far beyond. In the same way for the French research institutions (from University to CNRS, INRA, INSERM, IRD, etc..) the question of strategy and intelligence should prompt to the development of specialize units of this kind not in all laboratories but in group of laboratories, universities, research centers, etc. The stucture UMSR (Mix Unit of Service and Research) should be appropriate if its includes a group of researchers in information management, handling, analysis and actionable knowledge creation. A move to such a system has been done in Marseille by the laboratory of “Complexe? Chemical Systems”. (see for more information: Intégration de l’Intelligence économique et de la veille dans un laboratoire de recherche académique scientifique (chapitre 10)
Jacky Kister, Henri Dou  in Intelligence économique et problèmes décisionnels? ? Hermés Lavoisier, Direction Amos David, 2010). In the same area a paper? on these questions will appear in VSE (Vie et Science Economiques, La reveue de l’Economie et de l’Entreprise): Innover dans la recherche publique en France by Henri Dou. In all the paers cited in this article, the mastery of the information and knowledge are essential as well as all the processes to knowledge creation. You do not find knowledge, you have to create it !

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