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Veille.MA Interview of Professor Henri Dou - Reginal Dvelopment and Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence

septembre 23rd, 2010 Posted in Africa, Europe, France

Following the meeting organized in Paris by the Franco-Chinese Committee of Competitive Intelligence, Veille.MA which was present at this symposium opens a special space to relate the main orientations of the symposium as well as for the presentation of various interviews of specialists present.

The interview of Professor Henri Dou was made by Dr Mounir Rochdi and is related to the point of view of Pr. Henri Dou upon the regional development and the inclusion of Competitive Methods and Tools in this context. A special view about Africa’s development is also? presented (Pr Henri Dou is also a WIPO consultant for the innovation SME’s program). To access to the interview click on the following link:
This interview and the views which are expressed are closely related with the conference which will be done in DAKHLA, Morocco from November 22d to November 24th, 2010.

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