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Proposal of a methodological framework for the re-enforcement of the Competitiveness of the developing countries. The Center of Competitiveness and Economic Intelligence (CCIE) for Madagascar.

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? photo Gilabert The PhD of Mr Patrick Gilabert was presented at the University Paul Cezanne (Aix Marseille, France) on July 12th 2010. The subject dealt with the development of Madagascar and how Competitive Intelligence can help to create a national incentive to? give a boost to  the development of the island. The presentation was well documented and this approach give rise to numerous questions from the Jury. (J Kister, H Dou (see scholar profile), B Dousset, L Quoniam, C Longevialle, E Flesia). This PhD by its quality and the political vision of its structure and development will be a basic document for all Malagasy Experts in the near future. At the end of the presentation, Mr Patrick Gilabert obtained the grade of Doctor of the University Paul Cézanne in Information and Communication Science at the unanimity. (The University does not deliver the “félicitations” any more).  The pictures of the presentation may be obtain by opening the following pdf document (Photos PhD Gilabert).


Madagascar is a country where the human richness is important as well as its economic potential. These conditions authorize now Madagascar to migrate to a statute of LDC. From this point of view, it is necessary to focus the support of the State, of the institutions of research and education as well as the industry in a point which will make possible to create the necessary synergy between these actors. It is in this sense that it is proposed a methodological framework which will take account the local peculiarities, to carry out a Center of Competitiveness and Economic Intelligence (CCIE) in Madagascar. Various  orientations which seem a priority are analyzed and in the same time the key national laboratories (analyzes, tests, possibly of research) which will contribute to these orientations are presented. To reach this objective it will be necessary to set up a priority of a national program  to level the ground for the development of  standardization and quality. This global program will be implemented with the support of the State and the International Organizations under the supervision of the Steering Committee of the CCIE.

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