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Strategic Committee of ATELIS, CIGREF June 25th 2010

juin 30th, 2010 Posted in France

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The strategic committe of ATELIS has been done in CIGREF (the main partner of ESCEM) in Paris June 25th in the morning. Mr Jean François Pepin Genral Director of the Foundation CIGREF and Henri Dou (Director of Atelis see scholar profile) welcome the participants. Mrs Laurence Masson (”Chargée de mission ATELIS) indicated the different steps of the AUDIT made by the Bureau Veritas, for the certification of ATELIS. The certification has been renew without problem for a period of three years (2010-2013). At this occasion Henri Dou Director of ATELIS underlined the fact that the ISO 9001, should be one of the point of ATELIS communication internaly to the ESCEM students and also externaly. This makes of the ATELIS formation in Competitive Intelligence (named now Information Management and Strategic Development for the third? ESCEM’s year )  the first certifed product in this? domain in France.

signature Atelis  During this meeting various aspects of the development of ATELIS have been discussed: the integration of the ATELIS program in the third year of ESCEM, the partnership of ATELIS and AIFIE (Association Internationale Francophone d’Intelligence Economique) has been signed with Philippe Clerc Président of AIFIE and Tamym Abdessemed Director of ESCEM.  (from left to right Tamym Abdessemed, Philippe Clerc, Mrs Annick Proust CCICentre, Henri Dou.) A new partner of ATELIS has been accepted by the Committe: the Matheo-Softaware company which is specialized in APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) and also analysis of all king of of formatted? information.

The Fourth International European Seminar of Competitive Intelligence will be done in Germany next year in April, the announcement of the seminar done in collaboration with Rainer Michaeli (Competitive Intelligence Germany) will be done during July 2010.  The development of an European Journal  of Competitive Intelligence, decided during the third European Symposium is going to be finalized with the Copenhagen Business School.

It was also decided that ATELIS will develop several Educational actions in the “Region Centre” according a proposal made to the DIRECCTE, and to other Regions with the help of a tierce company for the organizati

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