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Intelligence économique et problèmes décisionnels - Competitive Intelligence and Decision

juin 9th, 2010 Posted in France

?couverture livre amos

The book edited by Lavoisier Hermès,  “Intelligence Economique et Problèmes Décisionnels”? (Competitive Intelligence and decision’s problems)  is now available. This book directed by the Professor Amos David summarizes the contributions of various authors all members of the Expert Group of Competitive Intelligence (see in ciworldwide the information about the achievement of this group - rubric France - search for “kerylos”)  financed from 2007 to 2009 by the CNRS. After the book Competitive Intelligence 2.0 directed by the Professor Luc Quoniam, this second book is a significant contribution of academics in the field of Competitive Intelligence. Viewed on different facets, the contributors underline the brakes and accelerators of the development of Competitive Intelligence. To buy the book use the following form .

This book is part of the “Traité des Sciences de l’Information” which presents various aspects of this rich discipline on both sides: fundamental and experimental.

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