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Rencontres franco-chioises d’Intelligence Economique (Competitive Intelligence) Université Paul Cezanne - IMPGT

juin 7th, 2010 Posted in Asia, France


This is at the University Paul Cezanne that the IMPGT organized the First Franco Chinese meeting of Competitive Intelligence (Intelligence Economique).

This program presented various view of the Franco Chinese collaboration, clusters, French organization, education and collaboration with the Hangzhou city. This meeting was very successful. During the meeting Professor Yves Rochet Director of the master Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development deliver the diploma of the master to various international students of the 2008-2009 promotion. This meeting organized by the students of the Master and mainly by M Minguela was an opportunity to mix different publics coming from the master, the industry and governmental institutions

Fouchet china aix M. Robert Fouchet Director of the IMPGT presented the Master of Economic Intelligence (coming several years ago from an initiative of professor Henri Dou, and now Directed by M. Claude Rochet). Professor Bruté de Raimur presented the historic backgroud of the different Franco Chinese meetings. The Professor Wen, coming specially from Shanghai to the meeting introduced the difference between the word intelligence in Chinese and the word Competitive Intelligence, new concept different of the military Intelligence. M Cyril Bouyeure, in charge of the Competitive Intelligence in the French Ministry of Finance explained? the French Competitive Intelligence system and the professor? Henri Dou underlined some of the brakes and accelerator in the field of eductaion to develop an harmonious French and Chinese collaboration. Philippe Clerc, Director of the Competitive intelligence of the ACFCI present the Franco Chinese Committee of Competitive Itelligence and giave some information related to the Franco Chinese seminar in Competitive Intelligence held at the ACFCI from May 10-12th 2010. A testimony from M Gurtner CEO of Uniross presented the way that his company develop a chinese factory and some of the problems that you must know before moving your industry to China. M. Jean-Marie Rousseau, which conducts a study of the Chinese clusters for the European Community presented a very useful analysis of the incentive of industrial development in various Chinese cities as well as some aspect of what is call the ‘triple mezzogiorno” (Regional Development Forum REDEFO, Editors A Kuklinski, E Malak-Petlika, P Zuber ISBN 978-83-7610-170-5). A round table with the participation of the speakers and the students  ended this very useful meeting.

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