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Second Franco - Chinese seminar on Competitive Intelligence and Innovation - Paris May 10-12th 2010

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bandeau chine mai 2010

This is at the ACFCI (Assemblée des Chambres Françaises de Commerce et d’Industrie), at the MEDICEM Pole and at the CCIP that the seminar took place. The Chinese audience was representative of various industrial areas as well as some academics  from the Competitive Intelligence Centre of the Hunan Province. Various French specialists were present during the whole meeting (Philippe Clerc, Henri Dou see scholar profile) or during part of it. The simultaneous translation was assured by two high quality interprets.

The program of the seminar was particularly dense and ended with the delivery of the certificates of attendance .

During the seminar the presentations done either by the Chinese specialists as well as by the French ones, gave rise to different discussions most of them centered on applied Competitive Intelligence. One of the main differences between this second seminar and the first one, was the focus of the the interest to industrial applications of Competitive Intelligence in industry, the way that the French Poles of Competitiveness were developed and function, the various mechanisms of the funding of innovation. Many questions were asked by assistance the  and the  Chinese Experts most of them related to very precise methods or tools of Competitive Intelligence.

The visit of the MEDICEN’s pole was deeply appreciated because it gave a deep insight upon the mechanism of the development of a pole as well as some models of French - Chinese cooperation.

The seminar: (photographs of the speakers,? ? other photographs)

Official address? of Mr Philippe Clerc director at the ACFCI and Mr Xuekui XIAO, vice director of the Competitivite Intelligence center of the Hunan Province

Mr Ludovic Bour, Chief of the IE department, innovation and TIC of the ACFCI: Practice of the? ? strategic survey (”veille”) in enterprises. Return of experience (Slides LB)

Mr Xuekui XIAO, Presentation of the Competitive Intelligence Center of the Hunan Province

Mrs Jacqueline TSAI, Louis Vuiton company, Competitive Intelligence to evaluate the luxury market

Mr Cyril Bouyeure, Interministerial Coordinator, Government department of finance, industry and employment, Competitive Intelligence at the Government department? of finance, industry and employment

Professor Henri Dou, Competitive Intelligence and French poles of Competitiveness (Slides HD and full text)

Mr Alain Juillet Senior Advisor, Orrick, Rambaud Martel, The development of the Competitive intelligence in France and in the world. Which trend

Mr Mounir Rochdi, Director, Competitive Intelligence in Morocco (Slides MR)

Mr Vincent Bovy, Director of the stimulation agency for the economy (ASE) , Wallonie, Belgium, The strategic Intelligence and the economic development. The experience of the ASE (Slides VB)

Mr Serge Quazzotti, Director of the center of technological survey, Grand Duché du Luxembourg, The Technological survey at the CVT. Return of experience (Slides SQ)

Mr Zheng Gang, Executive Director, Orient Keen Eye Risk Management consultant Co, Ltd, Competitive Intelligence and enterprises to avoid risks (Slides ZG)

Mr Bernard Besson, Expert in Competitive Intelligence, The Inventive Intelligence (Slides BB)

Mrs? ? ? Françoise Moisand? ? Chargée de mission IE ? l’? INSERM, The Competitive Intelligence at the INSERM. The INSERM - China collaboration (Slides Inserm-China 2006, Slides Inserm China 2010, Full text “Gérer sa Propriété Intellectuelle en Chine” 2009)

Presentation of Interfazeo? (Slides PI). We must underline the cooperation which has been established with Interfazeo, thanks to M. Fredéric Faivre which has been particularly active in this occasion.

Presentation of the Pole MEDICEN (Slides PM)

Presentation of BIOCITECH (Slides PB)

Presentation of SYSTEM@TIC Paris region (Slides PSP)

SYSTEM@TIC in China (Slides SC)

Videos of various speakers are avilable on the site

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