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Inauguration of the WIKI2D site at LaProvence - A new concept is developed in the Region, the LL or Living Lab

avril 23rd, 2010 Posted in France, North Africa, wiki2d

Laprovence impression The 22d of April at LaProvence the inauguration of the WIKI2D site has been effectively lauched. During this event the site, its objectives and the link with the newspaper LaProvence has been described. In the same time after the inauguration of the WIKI2D concept,  the audience assisted to the creation of the LaProvence newspaper, from the electronic format development to the final newspaper.

This initiative which brings together experiences and researches coming from the civil society and the universities if a real French’s innovation in the domain of the regional development of a  Living Lab in  the domain of the sustainable environment. At the moment where the three Universities of Marseilles will decide of their mutation (creating a unique University of Aix-Marseille), the concept of Living Lab will create an incentive showing of useful is the potential of the whole knowledge bring by the univerties in the domain of the sustainable development.

 The Scientific council of the WIKI2D, will impulse the development of WIKI2D in the LL direction, since it is of a  primer importance to develop the participation of the inhabitants (through associations and various bodies) to the well being of their life conditions, in a close relationship with the local knowledge of the specialists of the question.

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