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A significant local initiative in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur - WIKI2D

avril 22nd, 2010 Posted in France, North Africa, wiki2d




LaProvence launched in April 22, 2010 the WIKI2D (Développement Durable, Sustainable Development) initiative. This site will relate all the experiments in most of the fields related to the sustainable development. Various developments in sea protection, wastes disposal, human development, etc. are related. The experiences and data present on the site are validated by a scientific committee, including Professor Gilbert Peiffer (former President of the University Paul Cezanne, Professor Nardo Vicente specialist? in sea protection environment, Professor Henri Dou specialist in Competitive Intelligence,  Alexandre Buiguez Vice President of the ADER PACA, Mariane Domeizel Maître de Conférence University of Provence, Beatrice Fuerstein University of the Mediterranee, University Paul Cezanne, Bruno Hamelin Professor Universty Paul Cezanne, Jean-Jacques Jordi historiographer of the Mediterranee, JeanRichard Llinas Senior consultant.

This initiative of LaProvence is welcome since most of the presentations selected and approuved by the scientific committee, will constitute an educational material for many institutions, school, SMEs and universities.

CIWORLDWIDE partners which the best possible success to WIKI2D and hope that this experience will be an example for various other regions and countries

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