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Intelligence Competitive 2.0, organisation, innovation et territoires (organization, territories, innovation)

mars 25th, 2010 Posted in France

livre web  This book, in French,  published by Hermès Lavoisier, and coordinated by Luc Quoniam and Arnaud Lucien, it is an important contribution to the new development of the Competitive Intelligence. The links with organization, innovation and the territories (regional) development are emphasized. In this book new development of the Competitive Intelligence  within the framework of the evolution of the Web, is appled to various fields such as organization, management, education, regional development, patents, university, serendipity, etc…

Among the chapters we noted the contributions of Brasilian as well as Portugues authors and the preface from Jin Zhouying which is the President of  the BAST (Beijing Academy of Soft Technologies). The introduction by Luc Quoniam precises the areas in which the intersection of the Competitive Intelligence and the Web 2.0 are important: users generated contents, system of collaboration, the semantic Web, the new economic models dans the perspectives of the Competitive Intelligence in its environment.

Several chapters are interesting since they put the enterprises as the core point of the regional development: Education and enterprises and web 2.0 by Michel Rombert Trigo, Alice Maria Salgado Gonçalves  and Julio Casqueira Cardoso, Patent information 2.0 and technology transfer for the valorization of local resources by Henri Dou, Gouvernmental strategies  of territorial intelligence to sustain the SMEs by Kira Tarapanoff, José Rincon Ferreira and Lilian Alvares, Innovation, serendipity and patent application example of the exploration of the biomedical literature by Jean-Dominique Pierret and Fabrizio Dolfi, Development ragional 2.0 by Henri Dou, The university catalyst of the implantation of Competitive Intelligence in Africa the Nigeria Case.

Were are very confident in the usefulness of this book, not only on the theoretical point of view, but also because it mix the point of view of various authors concerned with the development of the economy through the development of the entreprises on a national as well as on a regional point of view. As we said above the contribution of foreigners to this book underline the fact that the world is moving and that experiences from oteher countries must be of a large benefit to the french laboratories, companies and researchers involved in Competitive Intelligence. The? following document  indicates how to order this book to the Hermès Lavoisier Editor.

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