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A book about the Buyat Bay (Indonesia) and the coral reef experiment. An under water Guide by J Kojansow

mars 16th, 2010 Posted in Asia

 couverture livre buyat Bays The Buyat Bay in Indonesia (location, North Sulawesi close from Manado City)  was known for the pollution linked to the gold mining as well as for the quality of its underwater site. But today the rehabilitation done by the Newmont company is terminated and the concentration of mecury in sea is well below the threshold of pollution. This is the reason why the publication of this book is now of interest. The author is a student of the Master of Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development from the University Paul Cezanne in France (IMPGT) taught at the UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado - SULUT) by a team of professors under the coordination of Professor Henri Dou. ( see the picture of J. Kojansow and H.Dou on the site of the reabilitated gold mine of Buyat Bay).

artifical_coral_reffs_buyat_bay  The quality of the pictures and the description of the best underwater sites of the area make this book very valuable for the  beginner as well as for the diving specialist. The following pictures following pictures will give an example of some of the presentations from the under water guide. You will also find in the book some picture of the work done in the area about the dévelopment of coral reefs from concrete coral ball reefs. The artificial coral reefs experiment consists to immerse in particlar areas half spheres made of concrete upon which the coral will develop. The structure have a special? shape which allows the circulation of the water as well as the deplcement of the fishes. For more information about the guide and the Buyat Bay area email to

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