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Collaboration between UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado) and University Paul Cezanne (IMPGT) - Master Thesis presentation

février 24th, 2010 Posted in Asia, France

Jury1  This is in Indonesia in Kampus Tomohon (SULUT) that the presentation of the Master Thesis of the UNIMA students registered to the Master Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development of the IMPGT took place. Most of the presentations concerned local developments or improvements, from natural resources to marine environment, tourism, etc.. Among the Jury we noticed the presence of Professor Tuerah Rector of UNIMA, Professor Irene Umboh (International relations UNIMA), Professor Henri Dou (Marseille, France), Professor Waworoentoe (former Rector of UNIMA) the Director of the Research of UNIMA and Dr Tulungen (Regional representative).

Among the presentations, two were particularly important, one dealing with the Buat Bay results about the mercury pollution and the other with corral reef balls and quality of the marine water.

After the presentations an informal meal get together all the participants to the presentation.

students presentations 2010  The collaboration between the UNIMA and the University of Aix Marseille, thank to the work done by the CRRM, the IMPGT and all the Indonesian allumni of the CRRM and the IMPGT, is a real example for the French - Indonesian cooperation.? It is noticeable that because of the used in the regional life of the concepts and tools of Competitive Intelligence important progress have been done in the field of the life quality in Manado City (which got the first price of the cleaner city of Indonesia — cf work of Dr Lumentut), in the development of a sustainable tourism, in energy sources analysis (cf - PhD on under water power production), in biodiesel (cf - PhD on Jatropha curcas and other natural resources for biodiesel), etc.

All the pictures relative to this event are available here

We hope that this succeessful collaboration will continue and that beyond the simple academic knowledge applications will be developed localy to increase the local welfare of the people.

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