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Master of Competitive Intelligence and Industrial Vision - Shanghai, December 2009 -

décembre 7th, 2009 Posted in Asia


The first part of the course of Competitive Intelligence has been done in China, Shanghai 5-6 and 12-13 Decmber 2009 by the Professor Henri Dou who presented the basic of CI has well as some basic access to Information using Internet and commercial databases. This Master (second year) has been developed within the University Aix Marseille II (Université de la Méditerranée, France), since several years at the initiative of the Professor Jean Sequeira.

The courses are done in Shanghai, the students came from various Chinese Provinces and remain in Shanghai for the week end. The local facilities provided to teach included a formal amphitheater as well as various classrooms equiped with Internet and individual computers.

After the classical formal teaching sessions, the students will apply for an industrial probatory period either in France of in China.

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