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A very good initiative from our Chinese Friends - The CIWORLDWIDE COMMUNITY

décembre 5th, 2009 Posted in Asia, France

The Chinese  Competitive Intelligence Community take a nice step in providing online a global synthesis of all the presentations and information available from the ciworldwide sites  (extracts available screen1, screen2, screen3, screen4).  The collaboration of the CIWORLDWIDE COMMUNITY with China increases dramatically in recent years (ACFCI, CCI Loiret, University of the Meditrerranée, CRRM, ATELIS ….) and this Chinese initiative (strarting from the Shanghai library) provides a tool to increase the collaboration between our two communities in that field. We hope that this collaboration will extend to many partners of ciworldwide and will increase the opportunity to strengthen the friendship and collaboration between France and China.

To access to the f=description of CIWORLDWIDE in Chine click on the underneath link:

To access the full site of ciworldwide from China, use the following address:

(sometimes the address does not work)

The ciworldwide information availability in Chinese can be done by using the option translation available in the categories (right part of the screen). All the information provided in English will be translated automatically into Chinese.

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