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Master of Competitive Intelligence - OUM (Open University of Malaysia) - Information and dissemination - 24th-26th October 2009

octobre 25th, 2009 Posted in Asia

Malaysian flags The Open University of Malaysia in collaboration with the Paul Cezanne University in France, develop a Master of Competitive Intelligence. The Master is divided in several courses and one of them is the information analysis and dissemination. This presentation is part of the work developed by the students during the course to use different facilities to disseminate the information. The use of WordPress to inform people and to present various repports, meetings, etc. has been used. WordPress allows also to various people, after the consultations of the information to post comments about this information.  This interactivity introduces the students to the workflow technology and the human skill necessary to create actionable knowledge from key information.

oum students blog The students work together to develop various applications and reports which will? be published on Internet. The fact to work together enhances the capability of people to process various tasks in a Competitive Intelligence Unit.

The presentation of the course deals with the information retrieval and handling from different sources. Formal information and informal information, patent databases, Google facilities, etc. Some materials used during the course are available here (part 1, part 2). During the course various data from Internet and Google have been used such as for instance videos (video 1, video 2)? dealing with Competitive Intelligence.

OUM students library

After the formal course, the students visited the OUM library. The library is divided in two parts the e-library available online from the campus or out of the campus and the physical part with access to books, computers, etc.

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