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Third European Symposium of Competitive Intelligence - University of Mälardalen - Sweden - June 11th-12th 2009

octobre 24th, 2009 Posted in Europe

malardalen atelis

This is at the Mälardalen University in Sweden (near Stockhlom) that the third European Symposium of Competitive Intelligence took place. This symposium : Competitive Intelligence : Competing, Consuming and Collaborating in a flat world was jointly organized by the Mälardalen Universty and by the Groupe ESCEM (Atelis). This symposium regrouped? various speakers and specialists in Competitive Intelligence coming from various countries and areas of Economics, Science and Technology. The program of the two days was articulated around main conferences and workshops. This program of covered various  developments of Competitive Intelligence such as  Methodologies, Tools and New Applications. The symposium was opened by a speech of the represantant of the Municipality, the Vice-Chancelor of MDH  and Professor Henri Dou (Director of Atelis)? (The Director of the Groupe ESCEM Dr Tamym Abdessemed being excused). During the presentation the participation of? the assistance was important and many questions were discussed.

The main conclusions of the meeting were to try to develop an International Journal of Competitive Intelligence (in English, with double blind review), to start a discussion about this subject with the SCI (Society of Competitive Intelligence in the US) and to find a new hosting institution and country for the fourth edition of the Symposium which will be done in 2011. One important question related to the global perception of Competitive Intelligence by the decisions makers and political persons was debated. This issue is important for further developments of Competitive Intelligence not only in Companies but also for the territory development. Aside of the Symposium various convivial events facilitated the development of new contacts between the participants for further research programs and collaborations. The organization Comittee likes to thank Dr Klaus Solberg and Mrs Laurence Masson for their strong involvement in the organization of the symposium.

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