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Networks and Territories Development: Interfaces and Perspectives - Caxias do Sul - Brazil - October 13th to 15th 2009

octobre 17th, 2009 Posted in France, South America

caxias plaquette  This is at the University of Caxias do Sul, in Brazil that the Forum was presented. This Forum commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Network of the Education Multimedia Mediterranean Centers founded by the Professor Lucienne Cornu in Marseille at the University of the Mediterranée. This forum presented various aspects of the territories development and was placed under the vision of the interfaces and perspecives. Various aspects of the communication as a discipline to increase the development and to participate to the enterprises capabilities were presented in various round tables. The final conference dealt wiht the Integrated Communication and Digital Medias. Before the opening of the Forum the book : “Interfaces, Cultura, Communicaçaoes e Turisme” was presented by the authors which written dedications to the readers.

book kenia

The presentation of the book “Interfaces” was done during the Book Fair, in Caxias do Sul. This book from Kenia Maria Menegetto Pozenato, Loraine Slomp Giron and Max Lebreton is prefaced by the Professor Dr Antonio Hohlfeldt, and was a great success. Various people came for the dedication.

 Opening of the Forum. The Forum was opend by the Rector of the Universty of Caxias do Sul, Professor Isidoro Zorzi who underlines the necessity to communication in a worldwide space in a world of globalization.

kenia lucienne Professor Kenia Pozenato introduced Professor? Lucienne Cornu who presented the history of the Network during these last 20 years. Professor Lucienne Cornu emphazised the necessity to open the mind of the people to different cultures. She also indicated that the opening of the network to Latin America was an key issue for its development and she hoped that this collaboration will continue and increase in the next future. She also underlined the role of Professor Salvato Trigo and Professor Henri Dou during these past years for the facilities that they provided. (download part of the Lucienne Cornu presentation - WMA, 1.1 Mb)

The First conference, from Professor Bruno Ravaz, President of the Network was read by Professor Lucienne Cornu, the Professor Bruno Ravaz being obliged to stay in France for professional reasons. This presentation dealt with : Communication Network, Territories Development, Censure and selfcensure.

In the afternoon a conference was presented by the professor Eduardo Campos Pellanda (PUCRS): Mobility as a connexion between the real and the virtual. This conference was followed by a round table : Communication and multidisciplinarity, animated by Professor Dr Rudimar Badissera (UFRGS) the participantes being: Pro. Dr Marlene Branca Solio (UCS), Tassiara Baldissera (UCS) Hugo Lenes Menezes (IFPI). The first day was clotured by a conference dealing with “The communication as a tool of strategic differential”.

The second day of the conference was opened by a presentation of the Professor Salvato Trigo (UFP Portugal) upon “The democraty and the informùation society”. This presentation was followed by a round table dealing with :”Professional Profile; power and democraty in the new Society”.

mesa monica? The round table was animated by  Professor Dr? Cremilda Medina (USP) and the participants were Prof. Dr Nilson Lage (UFRJ), Loraine Slomp Giron (UCS), Kenia Maria Menegotto¨Pozenato (UCS), Monica Russomano.

After lunch a presentation was done by the Professor? Henri Dou who presented some points of view upon the communication 2.0. During his talk (English version) he underlined the role of the new technologies from the Web 2.0, and particularly pointed out that the various translation systems offered by Google and other actors of the Internet are fundamental to increase a cultural apporach of the information.

mesa max? This conference was folowed by a round table :”Media and Alternatives in Communication” the animation of the round table was done by? Prf. Dr Alvaro Benevenuto Junior (UCS) and the participants were Prf Dr Luiz Arthur Ferrarreto (UCS), Marcos Baltar (UCS), Max Lebreton (USTV France), Valerio Cruz Brittos (Unisinos).

After this round table the last conference was done by Prf Dr Margarida Kunsch (USP) upon “The Integrated Communication and the digital Medias”

The Forum was followed by a very large assistance, more than 500 people were registered.

The cloture for the Forum was done by Professeor Dr Kenia Maria Menegetto Pozenato (UCS) and by Professor Lucienne Cornu (Université of the Mediterranée).

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