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5ième Edition du Forum Economique de l’Ocean Indien - Madagascar - Fifth Edition of the Economic Forum of the Indian Ocean -

septembre 23rd, 2009 Posted in Indian Ocean


The UNIDO (ONUDI) with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antananarivo organze the 28th September 2009 a conference debate about: Presentation of various International Experiences in the field of the Economic Intelligence and Prospective Development. The speaker will be the Professor Henri Dou.

During the conference the development of local projects initiated by the economic and technical information will be discussed. Examples will be given from various countries. The role of the Intellectual Property Information and most particularly the program of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for the development of SMEs will be presented and discussed.

The APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) will be presented with various examples, giving rise to various opportinities of development or partnership.

Conference overview:

The conference was attempted by a very important? assistance from the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, from companies, officials, researchers and professors.  The opening of the conference (from left to right P. Gilabert, Bezo Andrianarivelo-Razafy and Professor Henri Dou) was done by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antananarivo M Bezo Andrianarivelo-Razafy who presented the context of the local development and the importance of the partnership with UNIDO as well as the venue of a foreign specialist in Competitive Intelligence and Regional Dvelopment. He also underlined the importance of this meeting, since a week later and important gathering of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Indian Ocean will be going on in Mayotte. This speech was followed by a presentation of M Patrick Gilabert, UNIDO representative for the indian Ocean. M Gilabert presented the technology foresight program of the UNIDO, as well as the necessity to change the classical mind set because of the globalization and the worldwide competition. He also presented the development of the Indian Ocean Chambers of Commerce and Industry observatory which will be supported by the ONUDI as the request of the regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry. He also introduced the conference of the Professor Henri Dou, specialist in Competitive Intelligence and Regional Development.

The Professor Henri Dou presented briefly the main points of the Competitive Intelligence method and he underlined the necessity for almost everybody to move their  frame of mind to enter in a new phase of the development. He also presented various aspects of the innovation within the public and private partnerships and a cluster policy. Various examples from different countries were also presented, underlining the main phases of the Competitive Intelligence methods and clusters development. The case of the South Korea,  Brazil, China, Malaysia, Chile, and Thaïland were discussed. The Professor Henri Dou presented also the program of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Oragization) which will help the SMEs in their development by the use of Intellectual Property Information. The example of the Douala’s meeting in June 2009 was commented. The main points of the presentation are available in this file. After the presentation of the conference the Professor Henri Dou demonstrated the use of the patent analysis as a tool for the opportunities detection via the software Matheo-Patent.

At the end of the meeting many questions were asked by the audience, dealing with the use of information in developing countries, in the developent of the triple helix (public and private partnerships) as well as about some political considerations upon the necessity to have a political consensus of the methods and program of the Competitive Intelligence apply to institutions and companies.

A coktail offers by the ONUDI and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antananariva ended the meeting.

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