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India, SMEs and APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) - Innovation, Patents and Information system for SMEs

août 25th, 2009 Posted in Asia

The use of APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) for the development of Competitive Technical Intelligence is expending rapidly. The following example shows how APA is used in India. This paper “Review of soil remediation technologies through patent analysis” is a contribution which will be presented at the Conference on Environmental Exposures in the Era of Climate change. 20-22 November, Perth Australia, shows various applications of APA using the Matheo-Patent Software.  As the author underlines: ” Competitive Intelligence through patent analys is being used by many to plan their fututre research efforts strategically, evaluate the strength of their own patent portfolio relative to its competitors, and identify potential opportunities for licensing as well as strategic partnerships throughout the globe. Matheo Patent Software has been used for the analysis with the permission of the software owners which is available for commercial and academic use unbder license from the owners”.

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