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International Symposium on Methods, Models and Engineering of Competitive Intelligence - Intellignece Competitive - Intelligence Economique

juillet 16th, 2009 Posted in Europe, France

Call for paper

“Models, Methods and Engineering of Competitive intelligence”

The Symposium of Competitive Intelligence co-organized by CODATA France, CNRS’s experts group of IE, ACFCI, ATELIS, SFBA, CIWORLDWIDE will be done at Beaulieu sur Mer, Villa Kerylos the 25-26th of November 2009.

ATELIS manages the communication proposals and their transmission to the reviewers (double blind).

This Symposium is the result of the efforts of various organizations concerned by the development of Competitive intelligence in the fields of research and its applications.

Its perspective: to supply a “think tank” able to provide to the industrial and political persons in charge the recommendations suitable to develop the ? concepts, methods and tools of the Competitive Intelligence according to the geopolitical, societal, economic, scientific and technological fluctuations

Appel   Communication

“Models, Methods and Engineering of Competitive intelligence”

Le? Symposium? Intelligence Compétitive? co-organisé par CODATA France, Groupe d’Experts IE-CNRS, ACFCI, ATELIS, SFBA, CIWORLDWIDE aura lieu ? Beaulieu sur Mer, Villa Kerylos, les 25 et 26 Novembre 2009.

ATELIS gère les communications et la transmission au comité de lecture? .

Le Symposium est soutenu par un consortium d’organisations concernées par le développement de l’Intelligence au plan de la recherche et de ses applications.

Sa perspective : Alimenter un « réservoir d’idées » capable de fournir aux responsables industriels et politiques des recommandations propres   faire évoluer les concepts, les méthodes et les outils de l’Intelligence Compétitive en fonction des fluctuations géopolitiques, sociétales, économiques, scientifiques et technologiques.

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