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Industrial property, innovation and regional development - National seminar Douala - Cameroon - June 3-5th 2009

juin 5th, 2009 Posted in Africa

sigle douala

This national seminar organized by WIPO and OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) aimed to present to SMEs the various aspects of the protection of their intellectual assets by using Patents,  Utility Models, Trade names, Trades marks, designs, ….  In the same time the use of Patent information as a tool to develop innovation and to create an incentive among various SMEs working in the same field was part of the presentations and debates. Various speakers where present among them Mrs Marina Sauzet (WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization Switzerland), Professor Henri Dou (France), Mr Ngue Nkeng Mathurin (Cameroon), Mrs Jacqueline Mono-Djana (Cameroon), Mr Clovis Mekueko (Biomec, Cameroon), Mr Jules Nteta Noundou (Sirpacam, Cameroon), Mr Desiré Loumou (Cameroon). After the presentation various discussions with the participants show that the assistance was really concerned with the development of SMEs, IP  as well as patent information. The presentation of Matheo-Patent as a tool to develop APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) illustrated how Patent Information are a unique tools to determined the position of a compny, or a subject or a product in their international environment.

During these 3 days of seminar it was noteworthy that the assistance (other pictures)considered that this type of seminar shoul have a follow up to provide to the SMEs and various local organizations the knowledge and tools necessary to start a cluster policy among SMEs.

Presentations of Mrs Marina Sauzet: L’importance de la propriété intellectuelle pour les PMELien entre propriété intellectuelle et le développement économique,  Créativité et compétitivité: l’importance de l’utilisation des signes distinctifs dans la stratégie des entreprises.

Présentations du Professor Henri Dou: Introduction to the patent system and utility modelsCompetitive Technical Intelligence and Patent Analysis (APA)Enterprises Competitiveness and Patent Information Analysis.

Conclusion of the meeting (the conslusions are presented in audio format)

representatvice OAPI Representative of OAPI (MP3)

? dou photoi cameroon Point of veiw of the expert (MP3), texte (pdf)

marina? Representative of the OMPI (MP3)

? ministere cameroon Representative of the Government (MP3) of Cameroon

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