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Alain Juillet quitte sa fonction - Alain Juillet leaves his function of HRIE - Homage to Alain Juillet -

mai 29th, 2009 Posted in France

Alain Juillet  Alain juillet which has been the HRIE (High Responsaible of Economic Intelligence near the prime Minister in France) leave his function a few weeks ago. Alain Juillet during his function show a high degree of competency, responsability and availability near all institutions and persons engaged in Economic Intelligence. His presence in many meetings strengthen the French national program of Economic Intelligence in France and in foreign countries.His contributions to the development of all the aspects of Economic Intelligence have been vrery significant and we siwh to him a successful continuation of his activities as an international consultant. Two editorials from the ACFCI (Actualité de l’IE, numéro Mai 2009, abonment ) (Philippe Clerc) and from CIWORLDWIDE (Henri Dou) are available. They  both underline the usefulness of the activities of Alain Juillet in many areas.

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