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French Chinese cooperation - Delegation of the Competitive Intelligence Center of the Hunan Province and the Direction of the Economic Intelligence of the ACFCI

mai 20th, 2009 Posted in Asia, France

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After several cooperative efforts between the ACFCI, the Shanghai Library and various French experts in Competitive Intelligence (all these events are? available in this site), a delegation of the Hunan Provincial Competitive Intelligence Center has been received at the ACFCI (Assembly of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry) in Paris for a seminar and various conferences about Competitive Intelligence the 19th of May 2009. The delegation has also been received by the CCI of Orleans as well as the CCI of the Loiret the 20th of May 2009.

Program of the Symposium (May 19th 2009)

The program of the symposium covered almost most of the stretgic aspects of the Economic Intelligence. Among the key speakers the presentations of Alain Juillet, Remy Pautrat, Philippe Clerc, Henri Dou, Bernard Besson, Ludovic Bour, Mario Sandoval, Mme Marie Brigaud, Philippe Edel, François Xavier Level, Renaud Favier, Catherine Mercier, Brigitte Schars heve been very appreciated by our Chinese friends.

Program of May 20th 2009

During this program the competitive advantages of the Region Centre were presented.  They emphasize the effort of the Region and of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in innovation, education and development of the SMEs.  For instance a large effort is done in the area of energy, cosmetic, and services.

have been signed During this visit a several MOUs and conventions have been signed between different partners. This visit of the Chinese Delegation will be followed by the visit af the President en representative of the CCI of Orleans as well as the ACFCI, CIWORLDWIDE and IMCS. During the various interventions and speeches it was underlined the will of all the participants to create the background of a long term cooperation between the two countries, and more specificaly the Hunan Province. The photographs of the various events of the visit are available here.

The Center of Competitive intelligence of the Hunan Province has deceided to develop in the Province a body of spécialists in Competitive Intelligence to develop a group of consultants with the right competences in that field. This development will be done in cooperation with various French Masters (specifically Master 2) dealing with Competitive Intelligence. Professor Henri Dou will help in the orientation of the various Chinese students selected by the Center of Competitive Intelligence of the Hunan Province. In addition of the various courses followed in the Masters, a focuss on Intellectual Property and its use in innovation will be available for all the Chinese students selected. The program will run on several years and after the university year 2009-2010 a more formal cooperation with different French masters will be organized.

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