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Competitive Intelligence, Regional Development and ONUDI - Last meeting Republic of Mauritius

mai 13th, 2009 Posted in Indian Ocean

Mauritius Industrial up-grading and Modernization Programme 2009 – 2014. Developed by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the framework of the regional SADC (Southern African Development) Community? Industrial and Modernization Programme. (see the press article related to the program in French)

The objective of this programme is to contribute to the strengthening of industrial capacities in SADC countries to enable them to face the double-challenge of regional and world integration and improve competitiveness, thus supporting efforts of growth, employment creation, export promotion and poverty reduction.

The address of the Representative of? UNIDO for Indian Ocean (M. Patrick Gilabert which is making a Phd under the direction of Professor Henri Dou (profile H.Dou) and Dr Jacky Kister at the university Paul Cézanne) presented various feature of the past and incoming program.

For more information about the activities of ONUDI in the Indian Ocean and the forthcoming events in the region, you may contact Mr Patrick Gilabert at the following email address:

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