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Strategic Study Observatory of the Mediterranean Union - Madrid - Spain - April 2009 -

avril 26th, 2009 Posted in Europe

This is the 16th of April 2009 that the Strategic Study Observatory of the Mediterranean Union has been launched in Madrid.  This Meeting which is a French - Spanish initiative has been organized by the Complulense University of Madrid, the Assembly of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACFCI) and the International  Association of Francophony for Competitive Intelligence.

The participatiuon of different European Experts to this meeting pointed the deep interest for the development of close relationships between the University, the enterprises and the civil society.

This Observatory is the result of differents meetings and symposium (venue of the Spanish specialist in France in 2006, and the Symposium on Competitive Intelligence held at the Carlos III University of Madrid 2007). We wish a good development of this Observatory and we hope that other Mediterranean countries will joint it and will participate to the various excahnges and workshops which will follow.

The full text of the declaration is available here. This initial declaration is now know as the Madrid Declaration.

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