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An interesting patent mapping (or map) done in Thaïland (Thailand) using Matheo Patent software

avril 18th, 2009 Posted in Asia

Patents are a unique source of information. They provide of course the protection of the Intellectual Asset (IP, Intellectual Property), but they also provide interesting information on competitors, benchmarking, technolopgy’s trends, core technologies, inventors, etc…

thai infos patentmap The Thaïlandese approach is very interesting because they customized the patent mapping with Matheo Patent on various key areas for the Thaï’s industry development, providing customized documents easely available to experts. These documents can be used in brainstormings? as well as for R&D. By clicking on the left image, you will access to some of the studies published by the Thaï’s information centre.

This is very interesting because it shows the way to various clusters and poles of competitiveness how to develop a good practice in Patent Mapping. Not all of the potential of the Matheo Patent is used, but nevertheless most of it is employed. (groups of technologies or countries… can be also done to have a deeper view of some of the technologies, competitors or country policy development in this domain).

All the studies made by the information centre in Thaïland (Toryod) are part of a very agressive cluster policy develop by the country. For more information about this policy the KI.ASIA host which describes in details the development of various clusters. More information on the use of Matheo Patent and APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) can be obtained by opening this link.  To access to one of the applications (eg coconut industry), click on the following link.

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