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Opening of the new ATELIS session at ESCEM

avril 17th, 2009 Posted in France

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This is the 30 and 31 of March 2009 that the new ATELIS session has been opened at the ESCEM (Business School of Tours- Poitiers). The Atelis certificate as well as the Europoean Certificate of Value Management are highly appreciated by the industry comunity. The implication in the educational program ? of various specialists of the domain as well as the ACFCI (Assembly of the French Chamber of Commerce) provide to the students a high level education in the matter of Competitive Intelligence, Value Management and APA (Automatic Patent Analysis).

Various Atelis sessions will be programed in Chile, Portugal, Lithuania and China. The success of the ATELIS program among the students of the ESCEM is more and more important each year, with more than 53 students volunteers for this academic year.

The ATELIS missions which are the complement of the educational program, are done in close relationship with various companies providing to the students the necessary vision of the application of this discipline in real situations.

For more information about ATELIS and the access to the certificates in contuning education, contact can de done via the web site The Atelis program for continuing education is done in one week (6 days) of courses during which the attendees may discussed their own project with the ATELIS specialists.  The course may be done in English and in French.

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