Competitive Intelligence initiatives

SIS Strategic Information Survey and Competitive Intelligence an initiative to help SMEs in the crisis environment

février 13th, 2009 Posted in France

logo SIS  Most of the SMEs and poles of Competitiveness are now facing a hostile environment because of the financial crisis. In the same time the public research laboratories should provide in this difficult period their knowledge and competences to transform them in collaboration with the industry to products and money. This situation prompts the laboratory of LSCC (Laboratoire des Systèmes Chimiques Complexe - Laboratory of Complex Chemical Systems) the Ciworldwide organization and the Matheo-Software company to develop a platform enabling the SMEs, the public research laboratories and the poles of competitiveness to collect and analyze strategic information.This Platform will be available for all users? at the following address:

LSCC, Dr Jacky Kister, Centre Scientifique de St Jérôme, 13397 Marseille cdx 20 F? - Tel 0491288316? -  email

This initiative shows that in this critical moment of the economic development some responsibles of laboratory, organization and company decided to join their efforts to make their knowledge and competence available to SMEs to strengthen their position  by using various methods and tools of Competitive intelligence. This individual initiative linked to the regional development should show the way to others laboratories and institutions which for a while should move their center of interest to the real regional economy, sustaining jobs and helping to develop? a stronger social cohesion.

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