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Indonesia key Asean country in 2015 ?

mai 29th, 2008 Posted in Asia

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Map Indonesia Indonesia has an important geopolitic place in the Asean. With more than 9,000 populated islands and 240 millions of inhabitants, Indonesia should becone in the next 15 years a key country in the area. In spite of a strong decay in its oil and gas production, Indonesia get a large number of natural resources unable to facilitate its economic development.

But to reach such a position, Indonesia must change the way of thinking of people, must develop added value products from its natural resources and must be able to gather the stakeholders of various specific productions (agro-resources or industrial products) in clusters. In the same time a strong policy of Intellectual property and information access must be developed.  This type of program can be developed within the context of a national program of Competitive Intelligence.

Sri and alThis is the reason why a think tank formed with French specialists and Indonesians experts (under the guidance of Dr Sri Damayanty? Manullang ) push the idea of the creation of the IICI (Indonesian Institute for Competitive Intelligence). Such an Institute should be able as in many developing countries, to promote a national program of Competitive Intelligence.

seminar 2007This program, as with the French example, could accelerate a national program of clusters development and then the creation of a national governance able to strengthen national projects and to cooperate? with insdustries, regions or states at the international level.

This program will necessitate a strong national effort, but if we analyzed the numerous examples available in various countries, is the only way for Indonesia to become with a certain amount of chances of success a key economic country in the area. Most of the work of the Indonesian - French think tank for the last few years, has been to promote these new ideas of development, with new Public and Private partnerships. All the studies, conferences and workshops done during that time pin point the necessity to avoid dispersed activities and  to focuss the attention on the regional or national critical factors of success.

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