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Competitive Intelligence Innovation and Development, an Audiobook by Henri Dou (2009)

janvier 13th, 2009 Posted in Audiobooks

Henri Jean-Marie Dou The development of the use of audiobooks through various devisces such as iPod, etc. prompt us to present an Audiobook dealing with Competitive Intelligence Innovation and Development. This Audiobook will be read by the author Henri Dou in French. The slides which will accompanied the Audiobook will be alos available separately. The various parts of the book are presented in WMA format (high quality) and MP3 format (lower quality). The different parts have been segmented to facilitate the downloading of the audio data.

Competitive Intelligence Innovation and Developement  is presented in six parts:

1 - General presentation of Competitive Intelligence, background and orientations WMA part1a (3,83 Mo), WMA part1b (3,54 Mo), MP3 part1a (2,60 Mo), MP3 part1b (2,90 Mo), MP3 low part1a (1,25 Mo), MP3 low part1b (1,16 Mo)

2 - Various methods and tools used in Competitive Intelligence  WMA part2a (4,87 Mo), WMA part2b (4,90 Mo), MP3 part2a (4,79), MP3 part2b(4,81), MP3 low part2a (1,60 Mo), MP3 low part2b (1,60 Mo)

? PowerPoint parts 1 and 2 file in pdf format  with 4 slides per page

3 - Examples of application  of Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Technical Intelligence in various countries  WMA part3a (5,96 Mo), WMA part3b (5,38 Mo), MP3 part3a (5,86Mo), MP3 part3b (5,29 Mo), MP3 low part3a (1,95 Mo), PM3 low part3b (1,76 Mo)

  PowerPoint part 3 file in pdf format with 4 slides per page

4 - The French policy of Competitive Intelligence (Ecnomic Intelligence) - The French Poles of Competitiveness Experience WMA part4a, WMA part4b, MP3 part4a, MP3 part4b, MP3 low part4a, MP3 low part4b

PowerPoint part 4? file in pdf format with 4 slides per page

5 - How to develop a Competitive Intelligence Unit in your Company or Institution  WMA part5; MP3 part5a; MP3 part5b

Powerpoint part 5  file in pdf format with 2 slides per page

6 - Conclusion  MP3 conclusion (2,23 Mo)

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