Competitive Intelligence initiatives

Commercial AudioBooks (free or not)

décembre 31st, 2008 Posted in Audiobooks

Reengineering the Corporation. This audiobook (in Englis) , is available from AMAZON and is read by the authors. It is clearly related to Competitive Intelligence in the way that it underlines the necessity to ask the good questions to after be able to deelop the good strategy to succeed. Various examples illustrate the purpose of the authors. (Michael Hammer and James Champy) (cost about 12 US$). Also available from Audible (cost 7US$).

Pyromarketing (free Audiobook). Available in Audio format. This is a new way “see” how to generate a good marketing. The author (Greg Stielstra) give numerous examples of this new way to consider the development of a marketing campaing. Valuable for this new view of the subject and for applications which can extend beyong the marketing subject. (in English)

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