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First Seminar of Strategic Intelligence in Brazil - 2007

mai 29th, 2008 Posted in South America

This is during the month of October 2007 that the first Seminar of Strategic Intelligence was organized in Brazil by the Franco - Brazilian Chamber of Commerce. Alain Juillet (Senior Director of Competitive Intelligence in France), Philippe Clerc (Director of Competitive Intelligence and Information Technology at the Assembly of the French Chambers of Commerce and industry) and Professor Henri Dou (University Paul Cézanne, ESCEM and CIWORLDWIDE) were the members of the French delegation.

The? seminar was done in three cities: Sao Paulo, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. Various presentations were made by the French representatives underlining the role of Competitive Intelligence for the development of the country through a national program ( A. Juillet ), the role of Competitive Intelligence in the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry ( P. Clerc ),  the use of Competitive Intelligence as a vector to promote ? international cooperation ( H. Dou ).

In each of the cities, different meetings were done with Brazilian representatives of the Administration or the Industry.

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