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The second European Intercluster conference 2008 Paris

novembre 22nd, 2008 Posted in France

This is the 17th and 18th November 2008 that the Intercluster second European conference taken place.

The main issue of the conference:

The increasing globalisation of value chains is an established fact, with the two following components: on the one hand, a fragmentation of the production process between various countries as well as the externalisation and relocation of certain activities; on the other hand,the need to progress within the value chain through increased specialisation in activities with high knowledge intensity and high added value. Clusters need to deal with this new environment. Is intercluster cooperation a suitable response as a means of facing up to these new challenges Clusters are at a turning point. For a long time they were considered as associations of businesses of the same branch in a given geographical area, i.e. “area-clusters”. They arenow turning into networks of complementary and multidisciplinary competencies over distinct territories and endowed with a governing body, i.e. “acting-clusters”. Will this new situation be sustained in the long run? What does it imply in terms of economic strategy, of innovation, or of territorial organisation. By joining forces along a transnational value-chain, an Intercluster is understood as an association of several complementary clusters, and as such provides a response to the problem of fragmentation in the production process. As it brings together all the inputs required in the development of an innovative product, it should become a vertically integrated virtual company, just like a multinational company. How can such an entity emerge How can it be exploited And how should it be managed.

Various contributions, main speakers and short presentations presented the state of the arts and the latest European experiments in that field.

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