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ESCEM ProMaster in Paris - “Conseil et Management des SI” - Information System Management and Competitive Intelligence

octobre 23rd, 2008 Posted in France

ESCEM pro master logo

The first class of the ESCEM Promaster will open this year in Paris. This Master will provide to the enterprises and to the individuals a high level education to prepare the decision makers to promote high level solutions? to respnd to the clients demand in a globilized world.  Fundementals in Gestion and Management, Information System Management, Information System Audit, Financial and administration organization, Governance, HR Management, Intellectual property right, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Technical Intelligence,  are part of the syllabus of the Master.

For the enterprises and individuals which will like to know more about the Master opportunities you may consult the Promaster general introduction as well as the Promaster Planning.

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