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Third Annual European Competitive Intelligence Symposium, Sweden, 2009

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June 11 – 12, 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

affiche atelis CI 2009  Subject: ECIS, now in its third year, is together with SCIP the premier scholarly venue in the area of Competitive Intelligence. It aims at providing a ubiquitous platform for topic related to Competitive Intelligence (CI), Market and Marketing Intelligence, Private Intelligence, Intelligence Studies and the relationship between CI and Business Intelligence (software systems), as this sister field has become ever more technically oriented and independent.  ECIS will provide a high profile, leading edge forum for researchers and professionals alike to present state-of-the-art research in field of Competitive and Market Intelligence.Topics  Research contributions are solicited in all areas pertinent to Competitive, Market and Business Intelligence, including:

  1 – The Discipline of Competitive Intelligence The Professional and Academic separation between the fields of Competitive Intelligence (Management practices) and Business Intelligence (Technical solutions) -  Similarities and differences between the Academic fields of Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence -  The history and overlapping of Competitive Intelligence with other Management fields in general - The future of the field of Competitive Intelligence as an academic discipline - How Police and Military education can profit from the study of Competitive Intelligence

  2 - Competitive Intelligence: Innovations for Competing, Consuming and Collaborating in a Wired World ? How the profession and study of Competitive Intelligence has changed with the spread of Internet - Why the field of Competitive Intelligence has focused so much on threats instead of opportunities -  How the field of Competitive Intelligence can be used for Business Development and Innovation, or Entrepreneurship -  Competitive Intelligence and Blue Ocean Strategy -  Competitive Intelligence and Cost Innovation - How to integrate Competitive Intelligence into small and medium-sized businesses

  3 – More General topics related to Competitive Intelligence  Competitive Intelligence in Emerging Markets -  Ethical issues in Competitive Intelligence -  Models of Competitive Advantage -  Competitive Intelligence and Finance -  Competitive Intelligence for Regional Development -  Market research and Competitive Intelligence - Exhibit/Trade Show Intelligence -  Organizational Perspectives on Competitive Intelligence - Competitive Intelligence and Open Source issues - Intelligence Analysis - Competitive Intelligence for a National Competitive Advantage -  The role of governments and the implementation of CI national policies, in public and private institutions.For more information about the symposium:

Laurence MASSON  Atelis – ESCEM

tél : 02-47-71-71-83? Fax : 02-47-71-72-35

Last Information available: *** Call for papers**** - Scientific Committee - Milestones - Templates for abstracts

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