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Brazil - Development of Competitive Intelligence - Result of the administrative inquiry of the Brazilian Ministry of Education

mai 29th, 2008 Posted in France, South America

The development of the Competitive Intelligence in Brazil has been made within a cooperative agreement of the Aix Marseille III University, IBICT, UFRJ and INT. The two promoters of this cooperation were Professor Henri Dou and Dr Gilda Massari Coelho. The DEA of Technology Watch was taught in Brazil within the framework of a lato sensus course of Competitive Intelligence. This program was very successful untill that a denunciation was made by one Brazilian University Professor of the UFRJ. The Brazilian court in  2007 and after a long inquiry decided in its conclusion that this denunciation was false and unfounded. The full result of the judgment (in Portugues) is available here.

But, after this denunciation and because of the length of the inquiry, the course was stoped, even if the denunciation was unfair. In the same time  during the process of the inquiry, the French Ministry of Education did not second our program and prefered to stay silent, even to back up the denunciation. This situation underlines the weaknesses of the French policy in Foreign Education: lack of strategy and no global evaluation of the French activities, even if they are independent of the Ministry proposal. Fortunately, strong links remain with Brazil, different students got their PhD and joined some Brazilian prestigious Companies.

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