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Poles of Competitiveness - Innovation - Sebrae Brasilia District Federal (DF) - September 2008 Competitive Intelligence and SMEs

septembre 7th, 2008 Posted in South America

miguel trigo henri dou The 4th of September 2008, the Professors Henri Dou (ESCEM, France) and Miguel Trigo (University Fernando Pessoa, Protugal)? presented for the Professor Henri Dou the Concept of the Poles of Competitiveness in France and for  the Professor Miguel Trigo the Association between Protugal and Brazil for the development of the Corporate Education.

This presentation has been made in the Sebrae District Federal to the Director of the Sebrae. The presentation of the Franch Poles of Competitiveness fit very well with the development of various activities of the Sebrae, for instance the development in the District Federal of Brasila of a park which will group various SMEs dealing with informatics. The development of the SMEs being the goal of the Sebrae. The groupment of the SMEs in clusters respond to several goals: to create a synergy between companies, to share various facilities, to ameliorate the relationship between the public and private sectors. Both parties decided after the presentation and the exchanges of point of view which followed to remain in conctacts to share experience and to develop various cooperations between the French Poles of Competitiveness and the Sebrae in the District Federal.

brasilia tres poders The presentation of Professor Miguel Trigo underlined the will of the Portugal as well as some Brasilian Institutions to develop a close partnership to develop together the Corporate Education in both countries. This will open for the Companies in Portugal a window to Brazil and South America and for the companies in Brazil a window to portugal and Europe. The Professor Miguel Trigo  indicated that an Association of Corporate Education Luso-Brasiliera will be founded in the next future. The Sebrae indicated that it will be very intrested to exchange information as well as to participate in this development.

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