Competitive Intelligence initiatives

Ciworldwide Expert’s clusters using Web 2.0

mai 29th, 2008 Posted in Tools

Clusters from the Web of the most important Ciworldwide’s experts.

Henri Dou - Philippe Clerc - Jacky Kister - Marie Paule Verlaeten - Luc  Quoniam - Gilda Massari Coelho - Sri Damayanty Manullang - Jean-Marie Dou - Clément Paoli - Patrick Gilabert - Gérard Hoffman - Karasah  Suryadi - Bruno Mannina

Other useful clusters in Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence - ciworldwide - SCIP (Society of Competitive intelligence Professionals) - Automatic Patent Analysis APA - Lobbying - Francophonie - Datamining

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