Competitive Intelligence initiatives

CIWORLDWIDE Competitive Intelligence Experts

mai 29th, 2008 Posted in Tools

List of the most important Experts which work with CIWORLDWIDE in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Territorial Intelligence in various countries.

Henri Dou - Philippe Clerc - Jacky Kister - Marie Paule Verlaeten  - Luc  Quoniam - Gilda Massari Coelho - Sri Damayanty Manullang - Jean-Marie Dou - Clément Paoli- Xie Hongxa - Bay Ying - Dominique Maison - Patrick Gilabert? - Nadège Guenec - Gérard Hoffman Hoffman - Karasah  Suryadi - Bruno Mannina - Hervé Moine  -Pierre Larrat

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