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China Information Resource and Regional Development - Renmin University 2008 - PhD, Doctorat

août 7th, 2008 Posted in Asia

 premiere page Louise PhD This is at the Renmin University of China, Beijing, that Mis Xie HongXa, winning of one scolarship in the Doctoral College Franco Chine, presented her PhD with success. During one year of presence at the CRRM in Marseille she worked with Professor Henri Dou on the patterns and facilities necessary to improve and accelerate the regional development within the framework of the globalization and the Competitive Technical Intelligence. This is the reason why she focused her subject on the information allocation since information is one of the key of the development of Competitive Technical Intelligence Unit. The people interested may consult the  abstract of the Thesis and join Mis Xie HongXa by e-mail . Miss Xie HongXa is fluent in French language.

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