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La métamorphose ou du Sens global partagé et de la Communication dans la démocratie libérale 2008 - Communication in the liberal democracies

juillet 11th, 2008 Posted in France

MPV  This at the USTV (University Sud Toulon Var) that Mrs Marie Paule Verlaeten presented the 10th of July an “habilitation a diriger des recherches” on the theme: The metamorphose or the global shared sense and the communication in the liberal democracy. The Jury was the following Professors Luc Quoniam (tutor), Henri Dou, Clément Paoli, Director of Research at the CNRS Jacky Kister, “Chargé” of Research at the CNRS Elio Flesia.

At the moment where most inquiries show that there are a wide gap between the politicians and the European people and a lack of confidence in the national and European policies, the work presented by Marie Paule Verlaeten makes a brillant analysis of the problems thet the Euroepan and Natioanl government are facing today.  Most of the politicians donot take care of the people creativity and consider the people as a labor working force and not like individuals which have a self potential able to create a global sense giving an hapex to the poeple life. Starting from this point of view, she analyzed the images bring by the people and medias within various aspcts of communication. The also presented her point of view about the role of the communication which can be the better or the worse way to cat the people’s mind.

From this wrok it really appears that the creativity and innovation could be used not only in industry and research, but also in the everiday people’s life change the referentials and view of most of them. In these conditions the Euroepan people will see the European community not as a constraint but as a space of development gining another sigification to their life.

Jury  The Jury after the presentatin insisted on the quality of the work,  on the compencies of Mrs Marie paule Verlaeten (which made her thesis at the CRRM in Marseille under the Direction of Professor Henri Dou, and which works at the Ministry of Economy in Belgium, Brussels). But, several questions arise: do the European politicians will have the will and understand the necessity to develop another policy  How and this question  which was directly addressed to France will impact the educational process. In front of the seven kingdoms (USA, Japan, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India and China) which are fighting to get the tomorrow leadership does the European community will have enough time to change its policy.

The work of Mrs Marie Paule Verlaeten is avaible in full text in the following files. For the commodity of the users we split the manuscript in several parts and also make it also available globaly , in French as the other parts below.

Global manuscript, in French as the other parts below

Table of content, Introduction, Chapter 1 dire et parler, Chapter 2 mobiliser et contaminer, Chapters 3 4 5 Symbole Charisme influence, Chapter 6 confiance, Chapter 7 culture hiérarchie, Chapter 8 image fixe, Chapter 9 art populaire, Chapter 10 industrie culturelle, Chapter 11 television, Chapter 12 image papier, Chapters 13 14 image video genese, Chapters 15 16 sens partagé pouvoir, Chapters 17 18 économie terrorisme agir résister, Conclusion Bibliography

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