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The UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado, Indonesia) delegation at the University Paul Cézanne July 2008

juillet 8th, 2008 Posted in Asia

unima delegation 2008 This is on July 7th 2008 that the delegation of UNIMA was received at the University Paul Cézanne (Aix Marseille III) to reinforce the cooperation agreement between the two institutions. The picture shows the delegation in? front of the Indonesian Consulate in Marseille, with the presence Mr Nahari Agustini, General Consul of Indonesia (center) which greated the delegation.

International Cooperation Centre  The meeting was held at the International Cooperation Centre of the University Paul Cézanne in Aix en Provence, with the presence of Pr. Paul Djondang, Vice President of the University in charge of the international collaboration, and Mrs Agnès Curcio Officer for the international collaboration? with Asia. The UNIMA’s delegation was conducted by Pr Dr Philotheus Tuerah former PhD student of the University Paul Cézanne, CRRM and Irène Umboh in charge of the international collaboration of UNIMA.

The cooperation which was initiated by Pr Henri Dou 5 years ago in the field of Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch will continue in this direction with the IMPGT (Institut of Public Management and Territorial Governance, University Paul Cézanne) and will be extended to Public Management and “droit des affaires”. This part being concernend mainly with various relocated Masters in Indonesia.

unima kister 2008  After the visit of the International Centre in Aix en Provence, the delegation visited the chemical laboratory of Dr Jacky Kister (Director of Research at the CNRS), in Marseille Scientific Centre of St Jérôme, to present the PhD subject and progress of Mr Fanny Nanholy and Herdy Liow, both teachers at the UNIMA. These students work in the field of Biofuel and diesel and in the ageing and charaterization of natural products with cosmetic properties.

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