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Jubilee of Professor Henri Dou Paris July 3rd 2008

juillet 4th, 2008 Posted in France

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This is the third of July 2008 that the Professor Henri Dou’jubilee was hold in Paris. It was a great occasion for all the allumini of the DEA, Master and PhD of Competitive Intelligence and Technology Watch to meet again. This Jubilee was organized by The Company Temis (Dr. Charles Huot) and the CRRM (Dr. Hervé Rostaing). More than? 85 persons were present aluminis experts and friends.

opening alain juilletThe jubilee was open by M. Alain Juillet Senior representative of the Economic Intelligence near the French Prime Minister in the presence of various representatives of organizations and companies among which Patrick Hetzel advisor for the National Education near the French Prime Minister. During his talk, Alain Juillet emphasized the importance of the French Competitive Intelligence way (in French Economic Intelligence) because this is a set of Concepts, Methods and Tools which act as a lever to facilitate the development.

dou_quoniam_juillet_clerc Competitive Intelligence is already used in many countries through the world. This not a? “mode” but a steady way to facilitate to catalyze and to promote the development and as a finility to create jobs. Successes begin to show up in various French State Departments and new signs of multidiciplinarity happen. He also underlined the role of the Professor Henri Dou as a pioneer of the development of the Technology Watch in France and following after the Competitive Intelligence.  The strong effort done to use Competitive Intelligence (the French way) to promote a new international cooperation? (Brazil, Indonesia, China ….) being an example to follow.

Various persons make a brief intervention to give their point of view upon the actions done at the CRRM by Pr. Henri Dou and the other researchers and teachers of the team. Salvato Trigo, President of the University Fernando Pessoa, Philippe Clerc form the ACFCI, Jacky Kister CNRS Marseilles, Luc Quoniam USTV and the group of people which founded the “Société de Bibliometrie Appliquée” with Professor Henri Dou, en 1982 recounted the history of the Society. (Clément Paoli, Christian Longevialle, Bernard Dousset, Christian Dutheuil). A délégation of ESCEM (Business School Tours Poitier) were Henri Dou is Associated Professor was present (Pierre Larrat, Laurence Masson, Patricia Michel). We also noted the presence of Dr Hoolash Mahen from General Electric who came specially from Dubai for this occasion.

Other interventions were done by different former students, fom China and from Indonesia, the Brazilian students being exucused since they all terminated their Master or their PhD and returned to their countries. The representant of the Chinese students M. Jun Tong pointed out that the initiative of Professor Henri Dou to initiate the venue of Chinese students in 1999-2000 in Marseilles was for them a unique opoportunity to develop an international carreer. The representative of the indonesian students, Mrs. New in Hartaty Manulang thank very much Professor Henri Dou for his action in Indonesia during these last 15 years, and indicated that thank to his involvement the Competitive Intelligence begin to be applied in Indonesia. She hope that Pr. Henri Dou will continue his? activities in Indonesia to strengthen the development of various applications of Competitive Intelligence.  The Rector of UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado) (DEA and PhD from the CRRM) was exused because the Delegation of this University will only be in France the 6th of July.

henri dou jubilee Henri Dou, in his answer to all the speakers, thank very much the assistance for its venue. He underlined that the force of the allumini was not only in the present position of each of the people but also in the synergy which must be created through the network. He thank very much Charles Huot and Hervé Rostaing for the orgnaization, and Alain Juillet for the quality of his speach. He indicated also that this is a great opportunity for France and for the actors of the French Economic Intelligence to have at the head of the system a knowledgeable person of his quality. During this speach, Henri Dou indicated also that the large effort done in France in the field of the Strategic Scientific Information and Technology Watch should be maintained but, today, many signals shown that if an innovative effort is not done in this direction the discipline could diseapear very soon. The group (under the CIWORLDWIDE community)  of allumini from the CRRM as well as friends and experts will make some proposals to the Ministry of Eductaion and Research as soon as possible. Henri Dou indicated also that the development of new ideas, new ways to cooperate under a pluridisciplinary framework are difficult in France, he gave as an example the attitude of? the? board of the  University of Aix Marseille III which after the success of the first year of the venue of the Chinese students in France, close the diploma. Lack of expertise but also the will to take no risk at all.? ? This is exactly the reverse of the lessons learn from Competitive Intelligence where controlled risks and innovation are the engines which will pull? people out of the mediocrity. France has many resources but during many years willing to succeed was considered as not politically correct. The success will come if the French Institutions reward the individual and if? an effort if done to make available to all the everybody expertise. The Brazil, with the Lattes platform shows the way it is impossible to think that France could not do the same.

More pictures are available on the CRRM web site. Souvenirs and selection.

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