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Economic Intelligence and Poles of Competitiveness, TPG Marseilles January 8th 2008

juin 30th, 2008 Posted in France

This is on May 8th 2008, that at the “Trésorerie Générale” in Marseilles that M. Marc Frenger Pech-Gourg (*) organized a workshop about Competitive Intelligence and French Poles of Competitiveness. During this meeting two main interventions were done by the ADIT and IMCS. ADIT which presented the? three main orientations of the Competitive intelligence for the poles of competitiveness:

Exploiter les résultats d’une démarche de veille stratégique ; utiliser l’information comme une matière première stratégique pour :




Mettre en place une démarche de protection de l’information et de ses savoir-faire

• Développer une capacité d’influence

In the same presentation the Platfrom offered by the ADIT was also presented.

The second presentation was done by the Company IMCS which presented a software (Matheo-Patent) to enable SME’s and the poles of competitiveness to access, store and analyze (bibliometrics and correlations) the contents of two main Patent Databases the USPO (US Patents) and the EPO (European and worldwide patent database). This presentation shows how a pole of competitiveness must be aware of the patent environment of its activities and how according to the subjects various local patent databases can be update and analyze to know what if doning what, where and when. Various examples of the use of Matheo Patent, from foreign firms to local ones where presented. More information on the use of Matheo patent can be seen from and a tiral-version (free) can be downloaded from the site

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