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A selection of Books to understand Competitive Intelligence

juin 26th, 2008 Posted in Tools

To understand the wide meanings and applications of Competitive Intelligence necessitates books very different in? nature. In this overview we present a selection of books that we used during the course of Competitive Intelligence either in academics or in continuing education. The list of the books is of course not limitative. We try to select the most useful for the students and with the most economic price.

Among all the books presented the books from the United Nations University are remarkable for thair quality, price and because they provide with the book a CD rom. The serie State of the Future has been widely used by our students.

List  of the books (no limitative and no ranking order)

Benchmarking Européen des pratiques de l’IE - Les Nouveaux Territoires de l’IE

Inteligencia, Informaçao e Conheicimento - Managing Strategic Intelligence

CI and TW for IndustryCi and TW for regional Development

Neuro - Communication - Veille Technologique en Formulation

Veille Technologique Méthodes et Information  -  Veille Technologique Application aux brevets

Les premiers pas de l’intelligence Economique en France - La Bibliométrie et ses techniques

Veille Technologique et Compétitivité des entreprises - La Veille Technologique

Guide des bonnes pratiques de la VT en PMI et PME-  Reengineering the corporation

Enabling Knowledge CreationThe Future of Knowledge

Competitive IntelligenceL’Intelligence Economique

A Era da Competência  - Blur  -  Co-opetition   -  Pocket Strategy

Le? Mind Mapping pour l’entreprise - State of the Future at the? Millennium

2001 State of the Future- 2003 State of the Future

Le Mal Français  - Diplomatie -Hyper-CompetitionPuzzle

World Patent Information

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