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Indonesia 1995-2007 - Introducing Competitive Intelligence a ten years history

mai 28th, 2008 Posted in Asia

CIWORLDWIDE began an effective cooperation with Indonesia 15 years ago within the context of the development of seminars and trainings in Technology Watch. Eg Seminars in Bandung, Silegon …

This cooperation allows the CRRM (University of Aix Marseille) to benefit for the DEA of Technology Watch of various grants (France and Indonesia) to allow the students to follow the course and to obtain a Master and for some of them a PhD (see the list of Indonesian PhD ).

diplome DEA? In the same time an accord was developed with the “Universitas Negeri Manado” UNIMA (SULUT North Sulawesi) to have the DEA of Technology Watch and after the Master of Competitive Intelligence done jointly by the two Universities in Manado at UNIMA. Eg. DEA Building in UNIMA.

henri_herti? In the same time various International Symposium in Competitive Intelligence were developed in Indonesia as well as various seminars for the Department of Industry, various Regions, cottage industries, etc. Eg. International Symposium Jakarta 2004, Departmen Perindustrian 2007, Symposium SULUT 2006, Bank of Indonesia 2005, Magazine Tender Jakarta 2006, Sumatra 2006.All the work done in this? context aims to involve the Indonesian Government? to develop a national program of Competitive Intelligence and to create the IICI Indonesian Institute for Competitive Intelligence: International Symposium, Jakarta, 2007.

To reach this objective a small task force of Indonesian specialists (Dr Sri Damayanty Manullang, Dr Franky Tulungen, Dr Vicky Lumentut, Dr Paulina Runtuwene ….) join the group of French specialists engaged in the Indonesian Collaboration (Pr. Dr. Ing. Henri Dou, Dr Ing. Jacky Kister, Director Philippe Clerc, Dr Jean-Marie Dou, Pr. Pierre Larat, …). Indonesian’s Allumini of the CRRM also facilitate the dissemination of Competitive Intelligence’s concept in Indonesia (Bandung, Surabaya, Medan..).

This initiative? is strongly supported by Alain Juillet Senior Director in Charge of the French Competitive Intelligence.

labo kister? ? In the same time CIWORLDWIDE develops various initiatives to involve French SME’s? French university laboratory and Indonesian projects developed in collaboration with Indonesian firms or Regions. (Essential oil, nut oil, energy, algaes, food, information ….). eg kemiri oil extraction involving a French SME and a French University laboratory working together with an Indonesian company in Bali.? In the same time various Indonesian Regions provide grants to Indonesian students to prepare in France and in Indonesia their PhD.

This voluntary approach being done to develop new Public and Private Partnerships either in France or in Indonesia. Eg. Presentation of the French national Competitive Intelligence Program by Alain juillet in Indonesia and presentation of the IICI by dr Sri Damayanty Manullang.

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