Competitive Intelligence initiatives

The world of Intelligence and the “diplomatie” (Competitive Intelligence impact)

juin 26th, 2008 Posted in France

Stevan Dedijer was one of the pioneer of the introduction of Intelligence in the organizations in Northern Europe. He was also one of the pioneer of the application of Intelligence in the developing countries. In the article “Hommage   Stevan Dedidjer” Philippe Clerc relates the life of this pioneer in Competitive Intelligence.

I had the privilege (Henri Dou) to meet Stevan Dedidjer in several conferences and seminars in Brazil and I was really surprised by the quality of his approach of Competitive intelligence, going to the essential: the value creation from Competitive Intelligence for the Human Development.

In the same way, people who will like to have more readings on these topics and specilally within the international strategies will find more information on the magazine Diplomatie.

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